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This was such a great purchase! Love the soothing galaxy vibe. Saw a lot of purchase options, but this projector had the best reviews and best color/fade options. Easy to use, I highly recommend.

Devin Martin

Let me say, WE ALL LOVE IT! My kids fight over who will sleep with the stars, it has so many cool effects but we like the blue stars, I love the option to play music, it is very relaxing and great for night time or even to use during a party. I am a fan of the remote control.
Great gift for any kiddo

Marian Montoya

 I ordered it May 18 and it arrived this afternoon (US). I was really anxious about this purchase because there are so many different reviews on these kinds of projectors. It was quite confusing to get the remote working but once I read the instructions it was simpler. The projector is displayed exactly as advertised, the Bluetooth connected easily to my Samsung and had great volume on it, both Bluetooth and light options are on the same remote. I haven't used the timer yet but so far I'm really happy.


This night light projector 3 in 1 galaxy projector w/LED for our kids’ room is amazing. We just binged watched the Netflix serious about going to Mars. My 10-year-old love this thing lets him dream and help dhime go to sleep.

Kids Bedroom/Game Rooms/Home Theatre/Night Light Ambiance with Star Projector + LED Ocean Wave Projector Bring a galaxy indoors& amazing aurora starry light show that helps sleep and dream. Heck I have actually spent time in the room while he falls asleep now this is just one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
This star projector night light is suitable for parties, our back-yard room decor, children's day. It has created a wonderful and starry atmosphere for my children stimulate their curiosity, imagination, creativity.

Mike Smith

I never thought I would be this happy and satisfied with a light projector. It’s simply beautiful and works great. The colors are Insane. The remote control does everything you need it to do. You can change the colors, fade them in/out, control speed, control brightness, control the laser and wave control. You can put a timer on just Incase you fall asleep with it on. It plays music! The Bluetooth is extremely easy to connect. I’m so happy and the pictures really show you how amazing it is. Please buy!

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