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Levitating Moon Lamp™

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Levitating Moon Lamp™

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Wow, there it is, just sitting there in space. Floating around, glowing and spinning. We’re not talking about the moon in the sky, we talking about your Levitating Moon Lamp! With rare earth magnets and new QI charging tech, your Moon Lamp will not only charge wirelessly it will float in the air!

Anyone who sees this in person instantly wants to know more! It’s probably the most unique gift you can ever give someone. Think of that Boss that is hard to impress or maybe you struggle to find the perfect Childs's gift, the Levitating Moon Lamp has you covered!

Everyone one of them takes 26 hours to make, so the detail is incredibly realistic. With a gentle turn, the moon will spin for hours like it's in orbit. Gently place your hand on it to stop it, there is almost zero friction!

Amaze anyone with this incredible find!


• NASA imagery used for ultra-realistic design

• Rare earth magnetics

• QI Wireless charging built-in

• Wooden base for a classic look

• Simple quick on and off

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