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Moon Lamp ™

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Moon Lamp ™

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You’ve heard if before, “I’ll give you the moon”. Well, now you can! Every child has questions

about the moon, now you can put it right in their hand.

Our Moon Lamp is incredibly realistic and each one takes 21 hours to make out of our PLA Vegetable-based plastic! This unique kids' gift is environmentally friendly as well. Now with our exclusive GL battery, you get 8-10 hours out of each charge. We now offer 3 different sizes and warm and bright white lighting settings.


Every child that looks up and sees the moon will now know they have their own piece of space right here on earth! Unlock your Childs imagination with this super unique gift.



• Made from PLA Vegetable-based plastic, save the environment

• New GL Battery for up to 10 hours on a single charge

• Simple on / off with dual light settings

• Simple and clean stand

• Automatic built-in smiles from children!

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