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The Galaxy Lamp™

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The Galaxy Lamp™

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You have just discovered the most unique gift in this galaxy you can give the little future Astronaut in your life!  🚀 

Who didn’t love the idea of becoming an Astronaut when they were a kid?

With The Galaxy Lamp, you can bring NASA right into the house! Best cool kid gift DONE! 

We took high definition NASA Humble space telescope images and created The Galaxy Lamp. 

Perfect in a kid's bedroom as a night light, they will slumber off dreaming of Galaxies far far away.

With a simple click of the remote, you can cycle through all the different features, patterns, and colors.

Because your little Astronaut will want to run around with their new Galaxy Lamp, you can simply unplug it and it will keep its charge for 10 HOURS!

Comes with a simple clean stand to keep in place. Get this wonder-full kids gift that makes them go wow!

A perfect gift for anyone in your life at any age.📦


• Updated NASA Images (Knock-off version use low-resolution images)

• 16 colors, adjustable brightness, 3 different lighting modes

• Can be used without cord for 10 Hours! (Knock-offs have to be plugged in)

• Powered by USB cord

• Simple and clean stand

• Remote with all the functions built-in




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