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The Original Galaxy Projector™

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The Original Galaxy Projector™

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“Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might Have this wish I wish tonight”- Anonymous.

Imagine turning on our Galaxy Projector and watching your children’s wonder as a universe of stars washes over your ceiling.

Your little ones will have their own personal galaxy anytime, with this ultimate kids' gift!

The Galaxy Projector is an incredible gift for bedtime stories, as a night light, or simply spending time with your little ones listening to music.

Oh yeah, we added an awesome Bluetooth speaker that will make your starry night change with the beat!


Every effect is customizable on our Galaxy Projector.

The remote will allow you to use any of the 21 presets, switch colors (10 colors created), brighten or dim and change lighting effects.

With a shooting stars galaxy or waving water light effect, you’ll create any environment you wish.

Really, the Galaxy Projector is the perfect gift for all ages, and The Original Galaxy Projector is always imitated but NEVER duplicated!

Get our latest version now!



  • Fractal coated Dynamic 360° Lens (competitors use cheap thin plastic)

  • Dual Lasers for multiple layered effects (competitors use only 1 laser, single effect)

  • Multiple HD LED Lamp element for long life (competitors use a single filament)

  • Bluetooth speaker with Clap and Beat lighting effect.

  • Remote control with all effects built-in.

  • USB cord and Instructions.

  • Smiles and wonder built-in.

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